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Muzika Jara 1997, Martinovo údolí, Cvikov

The group Muzika Jara was created in 1993. Its originally small cast of performers has gradually almost double thanks to interpretational plans. In the wider cast today, you can see playing or closely cooperating in the group: violinists Zdeněk Pechoušek, Světlana Pechoušková and Štěpán Hanuš, Jitka Balková and Radek Trupl playing violas, Theo Andreas Kämpfer on the contrabass, Karel Mezera and Tomáš Pykal on the clarinet and flute, Marie Dvorná on the bagpipes and vocal Lucie Kordová. The cimbalist Michal Horsák cooperates with the band as a regular guest.

The artistic leader of the group is Karel Mezera, who alongr with Zdeněk Pechoušek adapts, arranges and composes songs and dances according to their ideas and the needs of the group, which has more then 140 titels in its repertoire today. Some of the adaptations are also made by the former member of Musika Jara Martin Hauptmann.

Almost all members of the band are professional musicians, who work in leading Czech orchestras or teach instrumentál music at School of the Arts. In the time of its existence Muzika Jara can boast of a wider range of successes on the domestic and international scene. They have performed for instance at concerts and festivals in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Slovakia, Holland, Spain, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Turkey, Italy and Japan. It regularly organizes concerts in Prague and cooperates with other leading folklore groups. A significant success of the group was the recording of the accompanying music for the textbook of folkdances by Prof. František Bonuš “The Golden Gate is open” intended for the USA. Muzika Jara has so far recorded three CD´s. The songs from these albums regularly appear in the broadcasts of Czech Radio and Radio Proglas (a family-orientated, Christian radio station). Muzika Jara 2002, Cvikov

In the connection with their 20th anniversary Muzika Jara prepared for this season program that is not only a cross-section of the existing activities, but also the introduction of a new repertoire for the recording of the fourth album. This program can be completed with performance dance group Jaro with which Muzika Jara has been cooperating successfully for many years. Excellent and quirky adaptations of known and almost forgotten folk songs and new works of authorship, along with precise interpretations mature members of this set, professional instrumentalists of the leading Czech orchestras, guarantee an extraordinary musical experience to all lovers of good music. By this time the band had Jara opportunity to prove their quality, mainly on foreign stages and this program would like to present more intensely on the Czech and Moravian music scene. <! -: ->

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